Japanese  version of Director's Program

After the establishment of the hospital to fulfill the objectives of IOM, this hospital has become popular among not only the Nepalese but Foreigners as well for its cleanliness, service oriented and state of art facilities, and of course, expert doctors. Although it is good news, the rapidly increasing demands for services at TUTH have made space both in-patient and out-patient inadequate for patient care and for effective teaching/ learning activities. Moreover, TUTH cannot effectively discharge its function of teaching and providing quality services if it is loaded with large number of patients with minor aliments nor requiring the attention of highly trained university faculty. Patients having to wait for months for any operative procedure is an established fact in all the surgical departments. Thus, to move forward, we have chalked out our vision and future mission. Any suggestion on this topic is welcome and we will look into it with serious consideration.

:: Vision...
To develop highest quality of tertiary care services with the use of state-of art medical technology to cover all human diseases and maladies; to create best opportunities for teaching and training research in all disciplines for latest professional skill and techniques; and thus to enhance the process of establishing Tribhuvan University Teaching Hospital into one of the best teaching hospital of the world.

:: Mission...
To develop super specialties/subspecialties of services and to strengthen the already existing services in     order to extend the tertiary care role of the hospital.
To strengthen/consolidate the teaching/training roles of TUTH at all levels and in all disciplines.
To develop patient friendly (user friendly) initiatives by bridging the gap and strengthening the relationship     between service users and service providers.

:: Tools to be used for attainment of the goals...
Management input
Modern concept of management would be introduced at all level in an intensive manner, incorporating the most recent concepts and practices.

Resource mobilization
Efforts will be made to mobilize resources both internal and external with the aim of optimal utilization of human resources already available within the Institution.

I feel that a clear vision which is shared by all is needed for any organization to leap forwards. Any change, when contemplated, looks threatening because it tends to disturb the status-quo of organizations but 'changes' are a must for development to occur. Problems are apt to creep up but it is a positive sign that we are moving forwards. As we are all committed for the betterment of this organization, collectively, we can make changes.

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