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Although, children are a large proportion of the Nepalese population, there is only one institute devoted in taking care of them. Even in this institute, all specialty cases must be sent to our hospital for referral.

We have a strong postgraduate training program and it includes pediatric and pediatric surgery. Thus, we have the manpower, including pediatricians and pediatric surgeon, we also have all the specialties right in our building so it just seems logical that we develop a pediatric ward.

This will no doubt require a substantial amount of money. We have decided that for this project, instead of asking from the government, we will raise the money and build one. It may take some time but with our friends cooperation and generosity, I am sure we will be able to do it.

To help our friends, we are opening an account in Himalaya Bank, so that there will be no difficulty in donating. It is for an excellent cause and we will appreciate individual donors as much as company donors. As drops can make an ocean, let your contribution be a drop to a better medical treatment for some poor child.

Any queries can be addressed to Directors office, the pediatric ward project.
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